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   01/02/2020 um 21:23
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Basic FSSAI registration License Baroda is applicable to all food businesses and related activities like storage, sales, distribution, repacking and labeling for which the annual turnover does not cross Rs. 12 lakhs or for food businesses that have a maximum turnover of Rs. 12 lakhs annually. FSSAI License can be divided into two categories State level License and Central License. Therefore, an entity may have to obtain multiple FSSAI licenses if it operates multiple locations.
  Apucyc (Apucyc, Polska)
   01/02/2020 um 05:48
   31/01/2020 um 14:05
FSSAI license is a mandatory thing to do before starting any food business. We are the authorized consultants for FSSAI registration in Rajkot. We’ll guide you to get your license with an easy and simple step. FSSAI is an abbreviation used for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. This step is taken by the government to ensure that food products undergo certain quality checks, thereby reducing the instances of adulteration, substandard products and improve the accountability of manufacturers.
   31/01/2020 um 10:38
We are the FSSAI License Consultant in Vadodara and we provide services of FSSAI License registration. FSSAI registration is mandatory compliance used to ensure the safety of food products and it is essentially a food safety certificate issued by the food authority in India. We understand and convey the technical details about FSSAI Regulations and guide food businesses on orders which are only relevant to them.
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   30/01/2020 um 23:22
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   30/01/2020 um 09:53
Do wykonawstwa wyjątkowych wielkości organizacja imprez firmowych Radom imprezy firmowe Radom fabrykacyj kasetonów szkło egzystuje więcej strasznie trwałe.
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   29/01/2020 um 20:43
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   29/01/2020 um 20:15
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   29/01/2020 um 16:21
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